Downtown Cocktail Room

111 Las Vegas Blvd. South

This modern-day speakeasy is just steps from the Fremont Street Experience, yet it avoids the yard-long margarita crowd thanks to minimal signage and an unmarked front door.

A wall of floor-to-ceiling one-way glass separates the lounge from Las Vegas Boulevard, which means regulars can watch and giggle as newbies try to find the entryway. Meanwhile, those who make it inside are rewarded with an urban cool vibe paired with a distinctive list of well-mixed, innovative cocktails.

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Jen Harvey, bartender at Screwballs

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Jen Harvey, bartender at Screwballs

“So, this guy comes into the bar, has a few drinks, pays his tab and sits in the corner. A few more regulars come in and notice that the guy is passed out. I tried to get him up, give him some water, but it wasn’t working. He [woke up and] tried to walk out of the back door for 20 minutes, but couldn’t even find the handle—plus, it was locked. Then the guy managed to make it to the bathroom, where we heard a loud SLAM! … When I went to check in on him, all of his clothes were off except his socks. We left him there—I wasn’t quite sure what else to do—until he woke up.