Dustin Carlson

Afternoon host and creative services director for X107.5 FM

What are you listening to?

The new 30 Seconds to Mars album This Is War. I’m a huge Jared Leto fan either way, but I find this album very relaxing. I’m still stuck on the 30H!3 album from last year. They’re one of the most unique groups I’ve heard in a long time and their live show is equally fun. I really like what Lil Wayne did with his new album, Rebirth, and the rock edge he experimented with. He’s also featured in a song (“Can’t Stop Partying”) on Weezer’s 2009 album Raditude, and it’s good. Flo Bots’ Survival Story is a must have. The first single “White Flag Warrior” features Tim McIlrath from Rise Against, which has been getting great reaction from the listeners. I’m looking forward to new Linkin Park, can’t wait to hear the rest of Cypress Hill’s newest project and am desperate for the new blink-182.

Any recommendations for our readers?

Give MGMT’s Congratulations a try. If you like different, this is definitely it. Shwayze is definitely worth checking out. His songs are lyrically creative, and although it’s a rhythmic album with some hip-hop spice, it’s not the stereotypical sound you expect from that genre; the songs are mature and fun. I just got the new Paper Tongues debut album. These guys are one of Randy Jackson’s projects.

Do you listen to the same music you play on the radio?

One thing I’ve been doing a lot lately is listening to entire albums to get a better feel for the depth of the artists. Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone should listen to the radio, especially X107.5. But we give you the best of the best, and I encourage people to listen for what they like then get the whole albums and listen to those because there is a lot of music that is worth listening to that will never get played on any radio.