Julie Siordia, bartender at Lucky’s, 7345 S. Jones Blvd.

“A couple bartenders came in one morning and one of them, the owner of a bar, said he could do the milk drinking contest—the one where you attempt to drink a gallon of milk in one hour and hold it down for 10 minutes after you finish. … Everyone was putting a lot of money on it; it ended up being a $2,000 bet. He just pounded down the milk, [but when] he had eight minutes to go, he started pacing around the bar. He was a big guy and you could just tell he was feeling it; he was making all these noises and wasn’t looking good. It finally caught up to him and he headed toward a trash can that was next to an ATM, but he missed the trash can and puked all over the ATM.”

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Jen Harvey, bartender at Screwballs

Story from the Bar

Jen Harvey, bartender at Screwballs

“So, this guy comes into the bar, has a few drinks, pays his tab and sits in the corner. A few more regulars come in and notice that the guy is passed out. I tried to get him up, give him some water, but it wasn’t working. He [woke up and] tried to walk out of the back door for 20 minutes, but couldn’t even find the handle—plus, it was locked. Then the guy managed to make it to the bathroom, where we heard a loud SLAM! … When I went to check in on him, all of his clothes were off except his socks. We left him there—I wasn’t quite sure what else to do—until he woke up.