Mane Star

Oribe and his team make Las Vegas a little sexier and more beautiful, one head at a time

A god of the beauty industry, Oribe, who rose to fame in the late ’80s and early ’90s, was the hairstylist of choice for the world’s most high-profile designers and magazine editors, contributing to some of the most iconic images of the era. Who could forget Cindy Crawford dressed as George Washington on the inaugural cover of George magazine or the many opulent Versace ad campaigns shot by Richard Avedon?

Credit: Tomas Muscionico

Vegas Seven recently caught up with the hair legend as he kicked off Backstage Las Vegas, a weekend bash of styling, makeup and DJs at the Palms. The 300-model workshop, avant-garde runway show and VIP afterparty—a veritable traveling show he has executed in various cities around the world—are only a small part of the many new projects on the boards for Oribe in the coming months.

How was your most recent Vegas experience?

It was amazing—it was perfect. Every drawing that I drew, every thought that I imagined came to life. It was really something very special, and a true artistic experience for everyone who came—myself included. I’ve never seen or experienced anything quite like it.

What’s new, now and next in the world of Oribe?

I’m just finishing up a few great shows. We had an amazing time at Backstage Las Vegas, and then Miami for Intercoiffure. Next I’m heading to New York to start a V magazine photo shoot, and traveling around the country with my fantastic product line.

What are the top hair trends of the next five years? What will everyone be wearing?

I know what they won’t be wearing. I think soft, pretty waves with extensions will be completely out of style. There won’t be any particular trend. I think that you’ll see a lot of things, but with a lot more emphasis on using your own hair. Maybe even artificial hair [versus human hair extensions]. It could be ringlets, falls or things that are less common.

What is the No. 1 thing that affects hairstyles and trends?

We live in a society where celebrities are the ones who set the trends. Thank God that Lady Gaga exists because she’s raised the bar for the way celebrities look. Of course, fashion dictates a lot of the trends. Photographers do, too.

How are people receiving your hair-care line and are you going to be introducing new products soon?

We have three new aerosols launching this month. Oribe Dry is a one-of-a-kind texture spray. Superfine Strong is an update on our classic hair spray with more hold. And Soft Lacquer is great for high-polish looks that you can work with. We’re also launching Shampoo and Conditioner for Moisture & Control. We’ll have more incredible things in the fall.