Mike Snedegar

Entertainment marketing, TAO Group, 31

Style icons: “Tom Ford, Robert Downey Jr., Robbie Williams—people that take risks.”

What he’s wearing now: Creative Recreation shoes, Hudson jeans, Gucci belt, Manifest T-shirt, Zara jacket and Louis Vuitton messenger bag.

Hopelessly devoted to the color blue, Snedegar is far from “navy” when it comes to his clothing choices. “I am not a suit-and-tie guy. I can get swanky when I need to,” he says. “My favorite outfit would be some New Balance or Creative Recreation sneakers, Hudson jeans, a T-shirt and a cool jacket—it makes me feel comfortable and I am able to go out in it. I like to mix styles. I’m definitely influenced by nightlife and DJ culture. I love KNYEW boutique for that type of gear.”

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