Nu Eatery Lights Up

There’s a new tenant in Town Square: Nu Sanctuary Lounge opened its doors May 4 across from The Grape near Rave theaters.

The restaurant and bar boasts a crystal garden, water features and sliding-glass walls, yet the centerpiece is the so-called “Tree of Life,” a 9-foot LED-covered sculpture with branches extending up across the ceiling and roots sinking down into the floor. Nu also incorporates flexible indoor-outdoor space, a large table that lends itself, however loosely, to an oversize interpretation of the Last Supper, and an intense Martin London sound system (read: a speaker for every square yard of the space).

Chef Brian Howard, who honed his culinary skills alongside the likes of Thomas Keller, André Rochats and Kerry Simon, developed Nu Sanctuary’s menu of so-called “global fusion of fare.” (Translation: pierogies topped with American caviar and chive crème fraîche, and prosciutto-wrapped locally farmed chicken stuffed with taleggio cheese and served with sauvignon blanc butter sauce over tomato-olive salad, among others.)

The project comes from Las Vegas nightlife pioneer, Gino LoPinto (Spearmint Rhino, Utopia), Mediterranean entrepreneur and hookah enthusiast Zaher “Z” Fakih, and a handful of other investors. The group says Nu Sanctuary is just the first on the list of projects it plans to develop, and DJ Shoe and Simon are also involved, as music director and food-and-beverage consultant, respectively.

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