Sites to See


( Look, I drink a hell of a lot of coffee in the course of a week. You might attribute that to my upper Seattle berth—and yes, it’s true that there’s a lot of coffee here in the gray and misty Northwest, and it ain’t gonna drink itself. But even on my frequent working trips to Vegas, where the blasting sunshine makes strong coffee not only unnecessary but borderline dangerous, I take up residence at Sunrise Coffee Co. (3130 E. Sunset Road) because I flat-out love good coffee and the machines that make it. This photo gallery of sleek, futuristic espresso machines, courtesy of geek fetish blog Dark Roasted Blend, inspires me to take even more of those working trips—saving money for the wonderful day when I’m able to pull a shot in my own home.


( Not sure how I feel about I Hate My Parents. This Tumblr blog depicts morally dubious acts being foisted on unsuspecting children: They’re painted up as Juggalos, dressed in dehumanizing costumes, seated in coach with members of the Sex Pistols. While there are no laws being broken in these photos, you still wonder if maybe you should form an angry mob and confront the jackasses who staged and photographed these Anne Geddes knockoffs. Someday, the kids will grow up and sue their parents; until then, let’s grab those pitchforks and go see the neighbors.