Tweets of the Week

Compiled by @marseniuk

@cliffmoore I think that @PerezHilton should be on Dancing With the Stars.
@PerezHilton I would LOVE that! I’d bring it!
@MIKESNEDEGAR You just want to wear the frilly costumes.

@hollymadison123 I’m obsessed with @katyperry. I love her lyrics, her clothes and her boobs. Not to be pervy or anything.

@TFLN (309) I want to tell you about my weekend in person so I can see your look of judgment and disgust.

@MooseDiesel81 So I heard Tito beat Jenna n then said she has an addiction to oxy? What’s that gotta do with a man hitting a girl? No respect for that dude.

@criss_angel Getting a manicure, then it’s off to work. My hands are the second most important part of me, next to my awesome flat-ironed hair.

@billmaher Every asshole who ever chanted ‘drill baby drill’ should have to report to the Gulf Coast today for clean-up duty.

@funnykeithlyle I hope Sandra Bullock got a real black kid. Not one of those Haitian knock-offs.

@jesus The chicken came first. Duh.

@MikeDobranski And here I sit once again. Alone and on Twitter as Kerry snores away on the couch. #marriedlife.

@bethlano WICKED wind in Las Vegas. Gusts have blown a completely new set of furniture into my yard, and I think I found Jimmy Hoffa in my pool.

@lauracroft83 Just stepped over a drunk man in the hallway. God I love Vegas.

@ConanOBrien I came in second to Lady Gaga in the artist’s category of the Time 100. Once again, I’m penalized for not wearing a bra that shoots fire.