Cinematic Release

Angelo and Christine Giordano are betting on a new, miniature movie theater at the Las Vegas Hilton.

“It’s a gamble,” Angelo says. “We’re doing something totally different and totally unique.”

The Giordano Theatre will showcase a range of films, from independent shorts to first-run major motion pictures. It will show four films a week, seven showings a day, seven days a week, between 10:45 a.m. and midnight. Also unique: unlimited popcorn with every $12 ticket. (In comparison, tickets to Rave cinemas at Town Square or Brenden Theatres at the Palms cost $10.25 and don’t include snacks.) The husband-and-wife duo are set to open their 70-seat namesake theater May 14 in what once was the Hilton’s Crown Room (and, before that, a baccarat lounge).

“The Hilton didn’t want to give this room up, [but] they really saw the vision,” Angelo tells Vegas Seven.

The Giordanos own Giordano World Entertainment, a distribution and production company, and earlier this year organized premieres for two of their company’s projects, Reach for Me and American Sunset. Those events attracted celebrities including Seymour Cassel, Lacey Chabert, Steve Buscemi, Zac Efron and Billy Zane, but required crews to transform Hilton showrooms into theaters. Still, the makeshift cinemas worked, encouraging the couple to try their luck with a permanent, small-scale theater.

Now, Giordano says more star-studded premieres are in the works.

“It looks like we’ll be bringing them in with a Tom Hanks movie,” Giordano says, citing Benjamin Bratt and Denzel Washington as two of the guests he expects to host.

Giordano Theatre features a 12-by-7-foot screen, a Yamaha sound system and a bar with additional seating in the back. Meanwhile, ticket stubs can be exchanged for two-for-one cocktails and $10 match play at the Hilton, among other incentives.

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