Job Cuts at the Library District?

The board of trustees meets May 20 to discuss next year’s budget

Layoffs could be coming to the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District.

An e-mail from a library administrator inadvertently sent to Vegas Seven states that the district is considering eliminating jobs due to budget cuts. The e-mail discusses a hiring decision that needs to be made “before we start the layoff process.”

It’s not clear from the e-mail when that would happen, and officially the library isn’t saying anything about job cuts before a May 20 meeting at which the budget will be presented to the board of trustees for approval.

A call to the person who wrote the e-mail was returned by Karen Bramwell, public relations manager for the library district.

“We don’t know anything until the budget is approved,” says Bramwell. “So much of our budget is based upon property tax. Values keep on going down, or people will call and get their assessed value reduced.”

Bramwell says the budget meeting will determine the need for cuts.

“We’re still trying to come up with a really good budget,” she says. “Our executive director does not want to lay anyone off, but we do need to realize that concessions have to take place.”

Library administrators have yet to meet with union officials to discuss concessions, she says.

The bulk of the district’s budget comes from property taxes, and with an estimated drop of $120 million in county revenue this fiscal year, some reshuffling is needed. How much the library needs to cut will be determined May 20 when their budget is presented to the district’s board of trustees.

The library district has already made some moves to reduce expenses. Starting in February, it offered a buyout to 94 of its most tenured employees. In exchange for accepting the offer, employees got a week’s salary for every year worked and 100 percent of their sick leave. By the April 5 deadline, 21 employees had accepted the package, including three branch managers, two regional branch service directors and an assistant branch manager. They’ll be leaving their posts at the end of June and beginning of July.

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