Kolleen Flint, bartender at Aces Bar and Grill, 7272 S. El Capitan Way

“My very first night in Vegas, I went out to Carnival Court [at Harrah’s] by myself. One of my girlfriends told me to go down there—’You’ll meet people, you’ll have fun!’—so I go down there and I meet these two really cute girls—my age, really down-to-earth girls—and we start hanging out. All of a sudden, these three 30-something guys come over in business suits. They were flirty and buying us drinks, but it was just a little weird because they were older than us. So, we’re all getting buzzed and the next thing I know, the girls grabbed my hand and we are following the guys out of the bar. … We stopped at an ATM, and I felt bad because I thought these guys spent all their money buying us drinks. We turned around and headed past the bar, toward the tables, and I thought, Oh, I get it, they got money to gamble, but we kept walking past the tables. We were standing at the bottom of the elevators and [one of the other] girls leans over to me and whispers, ‘Are you ready to make some money?’ and I was like, ‘What!?’ I looked closer and they were cuddled up with their guys and the only guy left was giving me the eyes. So I said, ‘Hey guys, let me tell my friends that I’m going to be a while, and I’ll meet you up there.’ As soon as I turned the corner, I split and took a cab home. The next day I called my mom and was like, ‘It was crazy, mom! These girls were total hookers!’”