Lacy and Seth Schorr

27, housewife; 33, casino owner

What he’s wearing now: Brioni suit and shirt, Zegna tie, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes and belt, and David Yurman cuff links.

What she’s wearing now: Prada dress, Chanel handbag, Pam Hiran necklace from Anthropologie, Rolex watch and Jimmy Choo shoes.

The product of a blind date arranged by their mothers, Lacy and Seth Schorr have been married for almost two years and are a perfect complement to one another in both style and taste. “Seth and I both care about good quality and good fit over of-the-moment pieces. There are some trends we follow, but for the most part, our closets are comprised of things we could wear over and over again,” says Lacy, who is quick to affirm that Seth dresses himself just fine without her constructive criticism. “He always looks great to me, even when he wears his mismatched Crocs to walk the dog.”