Tweets of the Week

Compiled by @marseniuk

@justinbaule Rubio’s! (@ Red Rock Casino) 10:04 p.m.

@justinbaule Fuck Rubio’s! (@ My Bathroom) 11:25 p.m.

@JHancock77 Everything bagels are the way. I have seen the light.

@Pbpartygirl Sometimes when I’m cleaning my apt, I pretend I’m wiping away the evidence from a murder scene. Makes it a little more fun.

@thejoelstein Tiger Woods is still immensely influential, only now his influence lies in preventing men from texting their mistresses.

@JordyClot There r 2 types of people in the twitter world: Those who tweet and those who follow!

@Kozmoe Dear Justin Beiber: Thanks for taking away any street credibility that Ludacris once had. You are a life ruiner.

@ToddWorz If you used $299 to buy Apple stock instead of an Apple iPod 3G in 2003, you’d have more than $11,000 today. Frowning looking at my iPad 🙁

@ztrip For a town that has such amazing restaurants, you would think the food selection at the Vegas airport wouldn’t be such shit.

@hawkinstaylor If only my mouth had a backspace key.

@NerdForTheWin Whoops! I had the elevator to myself and released at least a 25 PSI fart. I giggle and as the doors open a cute girl walks in. I cried.

@pseudopseudo I’m about to kill someone the next time I hear this UNLV radio spot. “I’M IN LOVE! I’M NOT IN LOVE! GO REBELS!” Seriously … *KILL*

@GOATunpublished A graduate named “Yank Wang” was greeted with shrieks at the UNLV grad. Stay classy Vegas.

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