Watch on the Wild Side

Two film festivals this week display the kinky, grindy, gory side of cinema

“CineVegas was great, but it never pushed the envelope far enough for my tastes,” filmmaker Chad Clinton Freeman says. “Now with it on hiatus there’s nothing much at all for fans of edgy cinema here in Vegas.”

“Instead of just sitting around,” Freeman created the Polly Staffle Grindhouse Fest, a film festival for the creative souls who support the “girls, guns and gore” mantra of Freeman’s genre indie filmmaking website

The inaugural run of this festival will show 13 films (some fit-for-print titles include Slime City Massacre, The Dead Undead, Dead Hooker in a Trunk and Zombie Apocalypse Now: A Zombie Hunter) and more than 30 trailers, music videos and shorts, including several world premieres. The festival, which runs May 12-16, is located at the Sci-Fi Center (2520 State St.—on the backside of Commercial Center). Tickets are $10 per day. Five-day passes and three-day passes can be purchased in advance for $40 and $25 at or

Freeman, who is also a screenwriter, occasional Seven contributing writer and former film festival judge, is excited about his new role as festival founder. “This was something … that allowed me to give to the art community of Vegas, while also helping to promote independent cinema.” If grindhouse horror isn’t your bag, CineKink starts its national tour with a “three-night stand” at Onyx Theatre (also in Commercial Center, 953 E. Sahara Ave.) May 14-15, with an opening gala May 13 at the Erotic Heritage Museum (3275 Industrial Road, This “kinky film festival” celebrates sexual diversity with films and videos that range from hot to mild. Highlights include The Pinky Song, a “musical tribute to new love” and Yes, Mistress, a film shorts program.

Full festival package is $50; single-day pass is $20 and two-day pass is $30. Discounts for students and seniors. Call 732-7225 or visit

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