Forget 90210: Try MJ702NV

Cheesy souvenir T-shirts are so last year. The hottest wearable and very Las Vegas memento comes from designer Marc Jacobs.

The designer recently released a $28 shirt available exclusively in Las Vegas through his namesake store in the Forum Shops at Caesars. The image printed on the front doesn’t exactly scream Las Vegas—it’s a graffiti-covered doorway not derived from a scene anywhere near our fair city, and the same image is used on T-shirts touting other fashion-forward towns. Still, the “MJ702LV” printed across the shoulders is distinctly Las Vegas. (Marc Jacobs, our area code and our initials. Get it?) Meanwhile, New Yorkers get the same graffiti image with the “MJ212NY.”

A matching nylon tote bag ($45) is available in New York, L.A. and Las Vegas versions, but showing civic pride requires a trip to the Forum Shops, since neither the T-shirt nor the matching bag are available online.