‘This One Time, at DJ Camp …’

Forget band camp: DJ camp is coming, and it sounds like the sort of summer experience parents would want to crash.

The brainchild of enterprising DJ, Tina “T” Turnbull, Camp Spin-Off will be held in Oak View, Calif., and feature other well-known DJs—including Liquid, Moon and Wet Republic regular, DJ Scene—in addition to its founder, whose résumé includes gigs at Tao, Rain, Pure and Tabu.

The five-day, sleep-away camp is sponsored in part by the Los Angeles Scratch DJ Academy, and declares itself the place “where DJs go to play.” Scratch Academy director DJ Hapa serves as resident instructor, while other “responsible and respected” DJs have signed up to help teach up to 50 campers between the ages of 12 and 17 the basics of engineering, beat making, mixing, break dancing and music marketing. Classes are designed for beginners, so don’t worry if your kids don’t yet know their way around the 1s and 2s.

“There’s no pressure to be an expert or even be good at it,” Turnbull says. “I just want everyone to have a unique experience that will inspire them to pursue their passion.”

Aspiring DJ campers stand to learn a thing or two from Ms. T, who has more than a decade of experience.

The camp’s curriculum fuses outdoor activities—including skateboarding and zip lining—with DJ instruction. It costs $950 and is scheduled for Aug. 1-5 at Forest Homes Camp in the Ojai Valley, about a five-hour drive from Las Vegas. 805-629-9484, campspinoff.com.