Robin Hood (PG-13)


Ridley Scott (Alien, Black Hawk Down and Gladiator) conjures 13th-century England in this prequel to the Robin Hood myth aptly called Robin Hood. A humorless Russell Crowe is the paunchy archer, Cate Blanchett is Maid Marion and Oscar Isaac is Prince John. In an overworked effort at making Robin a somber man with emotional baggage and an idealized sense of justice, the filmmakers have lost the fun.

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The Losers (PG-13)

Movie Review

The Losers (PG-13)

Hot on the trail of Kick-Ass’s experiment in vacant violence, The Losers is equally wrongheaded. A team of U.S. Special Forces, led by Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Clay, gets double-crossed and then joins up with a mercenary named Aisha (Zoe Saldana) who insists they seek revenge against CIA baddie Max (Jason Patric). The film’s politics, like this entire effort, are sketchy. Each character seems to have sauntered in from a different movie.