Campfire S’mores at N9NE Steakhouse

What is the best dessert for summer nights in Camp Vegas? You guessed it … s’mores! Marshmallows, milk-chocolate ganache-covered graham crackers and chocolate ice cream are brought to the table and a can of Sterno acts as a campfire for melting them together. $10, in the Palms, 933-9900.

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Marc St. Jacques

Marc St. Jacques

By Max Jacobson

It’s hard to miss 6-foot-5-inch Marc St. Jacques, executive chef at Michael Mina in Bellagio. He fairly towers over everyone else on the line in the kitchen. He is French Canadian, as his name might imply, and his appreciation for fresh ingredients began early in life, during summer trips to his grandparents’ farm. He came to the United States at age 19 and earned a degree from the Culinary Institute of America. He’s been cooking for Mina for several years now, and before moving to Las Vegas with his wife last year, he manned the stoves at Mina’s restaurant at the MGM Grand in Detroit.