Penn on Point

One of Las Vegas’ most opinionated entertainers has a new soapbox: Penn Jillette’s Web-only series, Penn Point, debuted May 24 on Internet TV site Jillette now sounds off on everything from pop culture to philosophy four times a week.

“I’m saying and shooting whatever I want, wherever I want,” he says, describing the first episodes—which cover Seth MacFarlane, Tea Parties and the iPad—as “really kick-ass.”

Penn Point picks up where Penn Says—the illusionist’s rudimentary rant-and-rave Web series on Crackle—left off in December. The new show benefits from high-def video, studio lighting, professional editing and sophisticated distribution methods.

To help the performer capture a moment whenever the urge strikes him, Revision3 equipped Jillette with a portable Flip cam and installed two cameras and light rigs in his home recording studio, a.k.a. “the ultimate man cave.” Once video is shot, Jillette is able to send the raw footage to the Revision3’s San Francisco-based production team. From there, new episodes are cut and posted to the Penn Point channel on Revision3’s site (and YouTube), Monday through Thursday.

Founded by Jay Adelson, David Prager and Las Vegas native Kevin Rose, Revision3 produces a range of wildly popular Web series, including Diggnation, Tekzilla, Scam School and Film Riot. In addition to the company website, programming can be found on iTunes, YouTube and TiVo (among others) and is viewable on a range of devices, including cell phones, iPods and, yes, even TVs.