Russell Brand: Unleash the Tiger

When Russell Brand appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman on May 19, he issued his fondest, sunshiney wish for Las Vegans: that they spend the rest of their days in the lower intestine of a large-ish jungle cat.

“I don’t like it. It shouldn’t be there. It’s a neon nightmare. It’s a mistake,” Brand rattled to Letterman. “I wish that tiger would get loose and just eat everyone there.”

Who knew Brand was such a delicate flower? Still, we in the 702 know that however harsh our fair city may be, no late night of bottle service (or early morning at the Rhino) is as merciless as sitting through another viewing of Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

The irony in Brand’s trash-talking Las Vegas is that just hours before the segment aired, the English comedian/actor was in Las Vegas to premiere his new movie, Get Him to the Greek. And as he and co-star Jonah Hill walked the red carpet outside the Chi Theatre at Planet Hollywood, no death by apex predator wishes were uttered.

Perhaps his mind was in a different place. He was, after all, on his way into the same theater wherein his former (however unofficial) plaything, Holly Madison, takes it off six nights a week.

As Brand sat smugly on the Peepshow stage and addressed the audience after the screening, he was asked what it was like shooting scenes in Las Vegas. Instead of shouting his apparent tiger-laden fantasies, he smiled, looked around and said he remembered the Chi Theatre as far more “erotic” in those carefree, pre-Katy Perry days.

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