Tweets of the Week

Compiled by @marseniuk

@emzbenz Can the Kardashians, especially Kim, please fall off the earth, like now? Pls thx.

@SinCitizenX I’m no more impressed by your iPad today than I was over your Bluetooth headset last year.

@DailyFiasco Heidi Montag wants to be in Transformers 3. She’s already half CGI, it could be a real budget-saver for Bay.

@justinbaule My best feminine feature? Clearly my jaw line, they say it’s like Khloe Kardashian’s.

@MLONGO919 Do you suppose VH1 will re-title it Pacemaker of Love? 😉 #BretMichaels.

@GloriaFallon123 That Lee DeWyze guy is cute—when he’s not making that “I think I’m gonna hurl” face.

@obeyjef The voices in my head speak in jibberish and hoopla.

@SheckyGreen Poker room massage = no happy ending.

@AbbiPeltier Country music is full of the worst tough guys ever.

@ RandyVegas It was so damned cold here in Vegas yesterday, they were serving hot chocolate by the pool @Rehab 🙂 LOL jk.

@unlvrebelbuzz I hope all the Rebels take the time in the off-season to master that thing that Kobe does with his underbite. It apparently works.

@stevejones20 It’s really hard for me to watch someone else eat pancakes.

@veronicafchou Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?

@flickrecipes I love waking up past 8 on a weekday. Hurray for furloughs!

@GaryJBusey Went to the movies last night and it took me 45 mins. to realize that Queen Latifah and Common were NOT Shrek and Donkey.

@Nick_Nolte Holy shit, I saw another albino. I think they’re after me, creepy fuckers.

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