Wyrick Makes Millions Disappear

What’s the bigger disaster: magician Steve Wyrick’s “Death Drop” illusion or his checking account?

The former was a stunt on the Strip last summer to promote Club Tattoo that ended with an injured crew member; the latter is in shambles, according to a U.S. Bankruptcy Court filing.

Wyrick apparently owes more than $54 million against assets of less than $100,000. His 500-seat namesake theater (that opened in 2007 to the tune of $34 million) is in foreclosure and his show, Real Magic, shuttered in December.

By comparison, The Prestige was directed by Christopher Nolan and starred Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson and David freaking Bowie—and cost just $40 million to make. Now what would have been a better investment: $10 to see a movie about magic that involves Ziggy Stardust, or $50 (or however much it was) to see Wyrick’s real crappy magic show?

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