Cream of the Mall

Ginger Fournier is sick of the chemical-laden confections that pass as ice cream, so she’s bringing the recipe back to its roots: cream, sugar and vanilla.

A former entertainment-lighting specialist, Fournier had no frozen dessert expertise to speak of before opening Atomic #7 in the Galleria at Sunset mall on May 30. “My only ice cream experience before this venture was eating it,” she says.

The ice cream scientists at Atomic #7—the name refers to nitrogen’s place in the periodic table—use nitrogen and a patented “atmospheric freezing process” to make their frozen treats. Choose from milk or milk-like bases—non-dairy options include coconut milk and soy milk—then combine that with any of the 25 flavors and 16 toppings. Scoop it all into a biodegradable bowl, or a gluten-free waffle cone and dig in.

Atomic #7 ( is a certified green business—even the spoons, which are made of potato starch and have an expiration date, are earth-friendly.

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