Doom (in June) town

If your idea of a music festival involves a leisurely picnic amid a sonic background of smooth jazz, then you may be put off by Doom in June ( But if you consider Nevada’s more aggressive contexts—the mob, Nevada Test Site, the carnal dens of Pahrump—then this festival seems apt.

Festival organizers are hoping its debut June 5 at Cheyenne Saloon (3103 N. Rancho Dr.) will develop into an annual summer gathering of doom metal, sludge punk and stoner rock.

Fifteen bands will be coming to Sin City to darken our neon dreams: Fireball Ministry, Black Cobra, Slough Feg, The Gates of Slumber, Radio Moscow, Sasquatch, House of Broken Promises, Ride the Sun, Supergiant, Behold! The Monolith, Green & Wood, Aranya, Salvador, Lead Burns Red and Dirt Communion (1 p.m. to dawn, $20,

It’s all the idea of Marco Barbieri, a Las Vegan with the deepest roots in metal of anyone I’ve known. Barbieri used to run Century Media, and before that he worked at Metal Blade (the two best-known metal-only record labels in the world). He left the headbanging biz because he began to notice ominous changes in the industry—Tower Records stores shuttering, file-steal- … er, I mean sharing and HR hassles that accompany the expansion of any successful company.

“I thought I was just going to revert back to being a fan [of metal] again,” he says. “Turns out I’m heavily involved in music, but in a different capacity.”

One such capacity is Salem Rose Music, a publishing company that helps bands with the legal creative work necessary in order to administer copyright and ensure that their rights are honored.

“Online streaming and publishing is complicated,” Barbieri says. “Still, whether you’re talking download platforms or Internet radio play, there’s income generated, and it can be monitored. It’s fractions of a penny, sure, but it’s there to collect.”

So far, Salem Rose has done a handful of deals for local bands such as Seventh Calling. Barbieri’s main hobby is booking events such as Doom in June.

“The genesis for Doom was that Gates of Slumber approached me for a show, and I took it. I thought, ‘What can I do to make this more interesting?’ I realized there’s only a handful of these doom festivals around, and doom’s my guilty pleasure. Also, June’s early enough in the summer that the weather isn’t unbearably hot.”

Two cool bits: The Clydesdale are opening for Shooter Jennings on July 2 at Crown Theater in the Rio. Alternative Press, the Ohio-based punk mag, is throwing a free, all-ages 25th anniversary concert on June 23 at Area 702 indoor skate park. Interestingly, it’s all Brit bands—Your Demise, You Me at Six and Enter Shikari, and Me the Horizon headlines. Punk’s old and English, apparently.

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