It’s a Desert Out There

Sometimes you gotta let them see you sweat

Heads up, guys, it’s time to jump into your desert-colored Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs) and get ready for another mother of a summer. As much as everyone loves the season—the babes, the barbecues and insane pool parties that blur day and night—summer presents a problem for those of us who are sartorially inclined and must rock business attire regardless of what the thermostat says.

Honestly, it’s a problem without a solution. Men’s fashion magazines always have these photo spreads with guys in light-colored outfits looking fresh and clean, or these cool Italian dudes without socks perpetuating the notion that the hotter it gets the cooler I am. But the reality is most guys are soaked in sweat 20 minutes after they leave the house.

Do summer fabrics, half-lined jackets and earth tones really make a difference? Of course they do, but when it’s 110 degrees, it’s 110 degrees, and until someone invents AC-embedded suits, you’re going to sweat. So we adapt and overcome like any good trooper does when confronted with an impossible scenario.

The nice thing about living in a city without a mass-transit system is that we rely heavily on our cars. Turn your ride into a true war wagon: Stock it with a couple of clean dress shirts, extra undershirts and some socks, and then maybe throw in a pair of jeans, a sport jacket and toiletry bag, plus a pair of board shorts—just in case your last meeting is at Tao Beach. You are good to go.

After a long day of moving and grooving, make sure to do a little preventive maintenance on your suits and boots. Hang a worn suit on a good hanger for a day or so before you toss it in the dry-cleaning bag. The dry cleaners should be laundering your shirts and drastically reducing the amount of starch they’re using since that sticky pasty feeling around the neck is never any good. Use good wood shoe trees to not only maintain the shape but also the longevity of the shoes. Again, natural-fiber socks (bamboo is amazing) are the only answer—polyester is no good for you, your feet or your shoes.

And, guys, much like everything else in style and sensibility, it is a mindset. Sure GQ and Esquire stage elaborate photo shoots of dudes who don’t sweat. However, if you’re looking good, feeling good and have that confident air about you, do you really care if you’re sweating? Do you think James Bond worried about sweating in front of Honey Ryder or Pussy Galore? Not in the least, and we know how worked out for him.

So, gents, at the end of the day, dress cool, think cool, be cool and always stay hydrated, because it is a desert out there.