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Compiled by @marseniuk

@motherpucker Ed Hardy is now making condoms. Think of it as your very last warning that you may be hooking up with a douchebag.

@marvski Brick breaker + office toilet = mini vacation.

@NickyHilton Life was much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits.

@hughhefner Man can walk on the moon but can’t fix an oil spill destroying the environment? What the fuck!

@Jaalay One thing I learned from Rock Band tonight: I cannot sing like Debbie Harry.  

@Norm_Clarke Taking first look at Encore Beach Club … just ordered my first $10 Coors Lite in Vegas.

@24k What the! This @Famous_Daves feast plate is bigger than @VegasBill‘s head.

@djtinat Hate it when I get stuck with a guy for my manicure. It’s like he rushes to get it done as fast he can … Typical.

@Official_JES Packing for Vegas!!!!! Always fun; you can fit many small outfits in to one big suitcase!

@MarkusSchulz First time in over 10 years flying Southwest Airlines. Feels like I’m in elementary school trying to line up. Who came up with this????

@DanaWhite Fight is at the MGM. I fucked up and went to Mandalay!!! Lol

@robbiereviews SATC2: “This year’s worst release since the BP oil spill, with just as many f***ed-up birds.”

@charlieclark Dude! At a charity event supporting mentally challenged kids, you DON’T call something stupid “retarded”!

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Born to Brawl

Everybody has an opinion on Dana White. Just bring up his name next time you are out on the town and see what happens. “Guy’s an idiot,” “ignorant loudmouth,” “super nice guy,” “one of the most real people in Vegas,” “totally down to earth” and the age-old classic, “asshole.” Those are just a few samples from people I encountered in the run-up to this interview, but one conclusion is clear: The jury is all over the place, except in the middle.