Two tasty surprises on Windmill Lane

Make room for Bachi Burger, a new Asian fusion burger stop at 470 E. Windmill Lane. The concept belongs to Lorin Watada, formerly of the Roy’s chain, and it’s already making waves.

The nontraditional burgers include the banh mi with Vietnamese nuoc mam fish sauce; the Lonely Bird, made from ground chicken and turkey; and the simple BBQ Bachi Burger, five ounces of Angus beef served with lettuce, tomato and onion with a caramelized soy glaze.

Watada is also serious about beverages. There are several boba drinks available in milk tea or milk shake form, and a number of oddball soda concoctions such as calamansi lime and jasmine lemonade.

Bachi Burger (242-2244) is open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily.

Sometimes an accidental discovery yields the most appealing result. Imagine my surprise when I walked into Miko’s Izakaya (500 E. Windmill Lane, 823-2779) and ate some of the most authentic Japanese dishes I have ever tasted in this country.

The chef and owner are from Tokyo, and both are adherents to the slow-food theory. Izakaya means “sake pub” in Japanese, so the dishes tend not to be sushi, although the restaurant serves it. What impressed me were sanma (broiled wild pike/mackerel), nimono (stewed root vegetables topped with meat) and makounuchi bento (a traditional Japanese lunch box filled with goodies).

May 30 was a happy day for ice cream lovers in the Valley, thanks to the opening of the new Atomic #7 (605 Mall Ring Circle in Henderson, 458-4777). It is named for the seventh element in the Periodic Table, nitrogen, which has to do with the proprietary freezing process that enables the sweet scientists to customize ice creams, smoothies, milk shakes and hot puddings.

What’s more, this is a vegan-friendly operation, as ice creams can be made with soy milk, almond milk and other ingredients, as well as New Age sweeteners such as agave.

You read recently in Vegas Seven that Kerry Simon, the “Rock ’n’ Roll Chef” and participant on the TV show Iron Chef America, has announced a new burger concept, KGB, which will open in early July at Harrah’s. My first thought was, Will the burger train never stop picking up more freight cars?

This one will feature socialist art from the Soviet era, as KGB is a cute pun on the acronym that in reality stands for Kerry’s Gourmet Burgers. More importantly, true to his reputation as a health enthusiast, Simon will be using responsibly raised beef, no factory-farmed beef here, and the produce will be from farmer’s markets.

Hungry, yet?

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