Who Hilton’s Tweeting Now

Paris Hilton may claim she’s enjoying being single—and says she will “definitely” stay that way for a while—after her breakup with former minor league baseball player/current nobody Doug Reinhardt, but we don’t believe her.

The queen of pay-me-to-party has been in and around various nightspots where she isn’t paid to be, and posing for photos at said venues, too, which can only mean one thing: She’s there for other, more personal reasons.

Connect the dots, people. It’s not that hard.

She was at the owner’s table at XS on May 22, and went to Drai’s After Hours after that. Now, consider that XS and Drai’s (and Tryst and Drai’s Hollywood) have three managing partners. One is older than Hilton’s father, but the other two—twin brothers Jesse and Cy Waits—are, well … not.

Although Hilton stayed at The Mirage during UFC weekend (“I love The Mirage Hotel. My room has its own pool, Jacuzzi, yard and mini golf putting green,” she posted to Twitter) she spent most of her time at Wynn/Encore. She was spotted having dinner (or pretending to eat dinner) at Botero at Encore on May 28, then went to XS afterward. While there, she bumped into Jersey Shore personality Pauly D and rapper Too Short, too. She was at Encore Beach Club on May 29, then had dinner at Okada before going to Tryst, then Surrender, then XS, and then Drai’s later that night. “Last night was amazing,” she Tweeted. “Partied at Tryst then Surrender then @XSLasVegas then @DraisAfterHours.”

That’s a lot of free promo for the guys at Drai’s—who, for the record, are known for not paying celebs to show up, but have a knack for attracting a solar system of stars anyway.

Hilton was at Tao on May 30 to check out DJ Erick Morillo, and a Waits brother or two was there with her. After that, where did they go? Drai’s After Hours, of course!

Hilton returned to La La Land on Memorial Day, but that didn’t stop her PDAs for all things Drai’s: She Tweeted about being “so excited” to go to Drai’s Hollywood that day. Apparently, she can’t get enough. Enough of what? Well, that’s up for interpretation.

On another note, Brody Jenner’s ex, former Playboy model Jayde Nicole, has also been seen, photographed and busy Tweeting at Drai’s venues in Las Vegas and L.A. Is she seeing a Waits brother, too?

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