Get Him to the Greek (R)


Jason Segel (Knocked Up) created the characters for co-writer/director Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall). The result is an Apatow-produced cinematic delight. Russell Brand reprises his Sarah Marshall incarnation as rocker Aldous Snow. Brand is comic genius opposite Jonah Hill, as a record company intern. Ostensibly a road movie, the story finds Aaron escorting Aldous from London to L.A.

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When something grows too fast for its own good, the results are never guaranteed. A native of Las Vegas with a background in the construction business, Milo Kostelecky knows this all too well. “As a city we’ve grown so fast that we forgot to really think about everybody that is living, working and building their families here,” he says. “Sometimes we get so carried away with expansion and forget what is at the core of it all—community.”