Longoria’s Lawsuit

Eva Longoria Parker was all smiles on May 29 as she walked the red carpet outside her CityCenter restaurant and nightclub, but the actress isn’t smiling anymore.

Parker has been named in a complaint filed by her former business partners at Beso and Eve the Nightclub, husband-and-wife management team and Ronen and Mali Nachum.

On June 3, the Nachums filed a lawsuit in Clark County District Court accusing Parker and her current business partner, Jonas Lowrance, of civil conspiracy, breach of contract, abuse of process and breach of fiduciary duty. The 143-page complaint was published on June 7 by radaronline.com, and details a range of incidents and allegations:

• When two key managers resigned shortly after the venue opened Dec. 30, the Nachums “discovered that [the operator who quit] had run up an approximately $400,000 debt to Beso’s liquor supplier.”

• The staff at Beso and Eve sent Parker an e-mail outlining a litany of complaints and “falsely insinuated that R. Nachum was stealing cash from the company and claimed that R. Nachum was acting like a ‘tyrant.’”

• The complaint states the same e-mail contained “racial undertones asserting that M. Nachum was booking ‘ghetto events’ (referring to the performances of African American pop artists such as P Diddy, Trey Songz, Kelis and Soulja Boy) that scare off the high end customers in the nightclub.”

• Lowrance obtained “an order for protection against stalking, aggravated stalking, or harassment”—a restraining order, essentially—against Ronen Nachum, alleging he had “punched a female patron in the face and assaulted a food server,” among other things.

• “Longoria, Lowrance and [a team of hired security personnel] conspired to assault the Nachums and falsely imprison them.”

• Beso owes the Nachums $280,000 for money the couple previously lent the company or paid to its creditors, but have yet to be repaid.

The scandal broke on May 5, when the Nachums were publicly dismissed from their roles at the restaurant and nightclub. That afternoon, the couple went to the restaurant to meet associates for what was expected to be a business affair. Instead they were met with trespassing notices and escorted off the property by private security. Meanwhile, the entire incident was video taped. Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Norm Clarke called the coup a “daytime raid” and said the “story is so wild it has echoes of Vegas’ rowdy mob years when Tony Spilotro terrorized the town.”

While the Nachums, Parker and remaining management have remained quiet since then, the June 3 filings suggest we’re about to hear a lot more about the case. Stay tuned.

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