Looking for Reality TV Love

Poncho lover, low-dollar ref briber and occasional wide receiver Chad Ochocinco was at Tao Beach on June 3, and took the time to knock out a few push-ups between takes of his new reality dating show, Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch.

Interesting name—and modest, too! Sigh.

While it first might appear that producers confused “ultimate” with “deadliest”—who could resist watching Ochocinco: The Deadliest Catch?—the name is apparently correct. Because, you know, he’s a wide receiver and that’s what wide receivers do: Catch things. We can hardly resist the football-related puns.

Ocho is looking for love(ish) on his VH1 dating show, set to air July 11. He’s said to begin with 85 girls, narrow the field down to just two, then give one lucky lady an ambiguous championship ring. Will it be a wedding ring, the imaginary ring Ochocinco used to propose to a cheerleader during a touchdown celebration against the Colts, or something else altogether? We guess we will have to tune in to find out. Either way, he’ll make one lady very happy—until the inevitable second season begins filming and Ocho and Brett Michaels meld Poison tour stops and Bengals road games into the greatest VH1 reality show of all time.

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