A nice pair

“Rhumbar’s eclectic vibe and outdoor patio create the perfect ambience for cigar lovers,” says bar co-owner and cigar aficionado Michael Frey. The breezy and tropical-feeling venue at The Mirage offers monthly cigar and cocktail pairings, all perfect for the Strip-facing patio and all for $20. This month, the promotion pairs Cuervo Platino cocktails with a Montecristo cigar; come July, it includes a cool glass of 10 Cane rum hurricane punch and a Xicar HC Habano Colorado cigar.

Frey gives Vegas Seven a personalized cigar pairing featuring some of Rhumbar’s most popular signature cocktails:

La Aroma de Cuba ($14) + Kilo Kai spiced rum ($9)

This medium-bodied Nicaraguan cigar features a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper that affords a natural sweetness. It pairs well with the Kilo Kai spiced rum, which has a good amount of vanilla and orange peel, and a finish with hints of banana and cherry.

Ashton VSG ($18) + The Spanish Trampoline ($14)

A spicy and sweet cocktail and a peppery, full-bodied cigar make for a fabulous combination. The earthy Ashton VSG’s leathery notes go well with the Spanish Trampoline’s sweet smoothness, which blends Sagatiba Cachaça with simple syrup, lime and tangerine purée. 

San Cristobal ($17) + How Bridget Got Her Groove Back ($12)

This unique cocktail, made with fresh lime juice, sage, rock candy syrup and Cruzan coconut rum, is the perfect balance for a rich and earthy, full-bodied, Nicaraguan cigar. Further, the coconut brings out San Cristobal’s complexity. 

Montecristo Platinum ($14) + The Spicy Lover ($12)

Although tequila and cigars are not a usual pairing, the floral and earthy qualities of Jose Cuervo Platino tequila mix well with the spice of this medium-bodied Montecristo cigar.

Royal Chieftain ($10) + The Rhumbar Mojito ($12)

The smooth, light-bodied Chieftain (which also has a delicate Connecticut wrapper) is an ideal companion to Rhumbar’s complex version of the classic Cuban cocktail. The drink is made with 12-year Montecristo rum muddled with fresh-pressed cane juice, lime and mint.