Sizzling Summer Beauty

L'Oréal Paris celebrity makeup artist Collier Strong gives the inside skinny on hot new products

It’s summer, and what was hot for fall just won’t make the cut. Now is the time to revamp your bathroom counter with all the latest and greatest face-forward gear.

During a recent visit to Las Vegas, Project Runway staple and L’Oréal spokesman Collier Strong dished on all the don’t-miss products for summer while visiting the nation’s most highly trafficked Walgreens, at the Palazzo on Las Vegas Boulevard. Strong’s client list is a who’s who of Hollywood, starring Eva Mendes, Marcia Cross, Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera. This season’s musts run the gamut from primers to new and improved self-tanners to convenient face scrubs that come with their own attachable exfoliator brush.

As far as eye shadow colors for summer, what are some of the best new shades every girl must have?

Pastels are always on trend and they blend well with tan skin, which is very Vegas. And, of course, metallics. Bronze and gold work beautifully because you don’t have to use a lot. The best policy is to use as little makeup as possible, while looking great. The new shadows for summer aren’t so heavily pigmented and they go on sheer so you can darken them as much as you want. It makes people less scared of wearing, like, aqua blue.

L’Oréal has ventured into the world of foundation primers. Why is a good primer necessary?

It evens out the skin prior to using anything else and it can be used by itself or underneath makeup, applied with a brush or a sponge. It feels great. The texture is amazing. It diffuses lines and imperfections. 

What’s the best and most innovative product for summer?

The True Match Roller Foundation is a favorite of mine, as well as the Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara. The True Match comes with a mini-roller applicator. I was skeptical at first, but it completely blends the foundation flawlessly. You can maneuver the roller into all the hard-to-reach curves of the face, and the formula of the foundation goes on as a cream but has a powder finish. It’s just phenomenal.

How does one prevent their eyeliner from ending up on the eyelid?

Powder your eyelid first! Then put on your eyeliner, and then put the same color eye shadow over the liner so you’re powdering your eyeliner and powdering your lid.

Bronzing and tanning at home couldn’t be hotter. What should you use if you can’t get to the tanning salon?

I’m a self-tanning freak, and L’Oréal has a new mist that gets the job done. The sprayer is angled so you get a professional finish. Self-tanners aren’t usually easy to apply, and you must develop your own technique for it.

How does the Studio Secrets line differ from the other L’Oréal lines?

The whole philosophy is it’s a makeup artist’s brand. And it has things like color correctors and primers, that artists have used forever, and are now accessible to the masses. Women are being educated how to use them in their daily routine. 

What about HD products? Everyone seems to be marketing HD foundations nowadays. Is there anything behind the trend?

We currently don’t have any plans for HD products. I do everything the same as I’ve always done for my clients who are on TV. I think the key is using a primer which has a softer effect. I don’t know who decided to shoot people in HD, it’s just not fair.