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Compiled by @marseniuk

@JonHumbert Overheard: “I have so many court dates I can’t keep them all straight.” Good luck, sweet prince.

@Patricehollis Pulled the playmate card and gave him a signed issue. Now I’m off doin’ 90 again! lol. ME-1 POLICE-0.

@ufc How long ‘til we learn that @sonnench’s Twitter feed is actually a post-grad performance art thesis on social media, race and sports culture?

@capricecrane Kevin Costner is a dad for 7th time. Nice work, “Dances Without Condoms.”

@MikeDobranski What’s the over/under (in minutes) for Sir Robin to claim an “exclusive” on @Norm_Clarke’s Celine pregnancy story? #stirringthepot.

@MeReBe There’s nothing worse than amazing house tracks mixed with god awful hip hop tracks. #justsaying.

@Robin_Leach Jtyxtdd Iy.

@SteveSebelius OK, I admit it: I was going to run against Reid for Senate, but Obama White House offered me Navy secretary in 2nd term. #anchorsaweigh!

@ucsb1990 Turns out that when President Obama said to “just plug the damn hole,” he wasn’t talking about BP. He was referring to Glenn Beck.

@PrinceOfVEGAS someone please tell me how Spencer Pratt became a D-list celeb? How is this guy on TV? This guy must have a really good deal with the devil.

@carlsjrofvegas The reason there are 2 senators for each state is so that one can be the designated driver.

@CraigyFerg 2 days til I return to Vegas and the redheaded midget prostitute who stole my heart (and wallet) (and car) (and toupee).

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