Amarula Cream Liqueur

Go shot-for-shot with Team USA

What better way to toast the World Cup (and cheer on Team USA as they compete in South Africa) than with its exclusive spirits sponsor? Amarula is a native South African cream liqueur, made from the tart little yellow stone fruit of the marula, or elephant tree. To make Amarula Cream liqueur, amarula juice is double-distilled, oak-matured and blended with cream to give it a smooth, caramel-like flavor with a hint of exotic fruit.

Amarula Cream mixes well with just about everything—from vodka and other liqueurs to espresso or even cola. The versatile spirit can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, makes for velvety cocktails and stands up to blending and in hot drinks, too. It’s also perfect for crowd-pleasing (and surprisingly easy to make) layered shots.

To create the Amarula shooters described below, layer the ingredients in order, as listed, by dribbling each onto the previous layer over the back of a spoon to ensure perfectly striped shots.

  1. Amarula Indulgence
    ½ ounce dark crème de cacao
    ½ ounce Disaronno Amaretto
    ½ ounce Amarula Cream

  2. B-52
    ½ ounce Kahlua
    ½ ounce Amarula Cream
    ½ ounce Grand Marnier

  3. Penalty Kick
    ½ ounce espresso
    ½ ounce Amarula Cream, shaken chocolate shavings or ground
    coffee to garnish

  4. Springbok
    ½ ounce green crème de menthe
    ½ ounce Amarula Cream

  5. Vanilla Cream Shooter
    ½ ounce Disaronno Amaretto
    ½ ounce Amarula Cream
    ½ ounce vanilla vodka