Raise a Pint, Mate

Las Vegas’ only British-owned and operated bar, the Queen Victoria Pub, opens its doors on June 28 for pints, footy and bangers—just in time for the 173rd anniversary of Queen Victoria’s coronation. Eager Anglophiles and expats can try to stop in sooner; the pub hopes to open quietly and softly on or around June 21 at the Riviera.

Whenever it opens, the pub will bear no relation to the well-worn Queen Victoria Pub on BBC’s EastEnders. The 7,000-square-foot Tudor-style Vegas tavern features exposed beams and whitewash, aged brick walls, a cobblestone patio, a dining room set against a backdrop of London attractions, a full kitchen and two bars. There is also a small stage tiled to look like the London Underground, which former Cult drummer Les Warner will fill with local and touring talent.

Adding to the authenticity is a trio of English owners: Coventry chef Mark McGarry, Portsmouth-hailing tattoo purveyor Nick Elliot and master London butcher Nick Jones, whose brilliant bangers can already be found in Las Vegas at the Crown & Anchor and Elephant & Castle.

McGarry says the 24-hour pub/gastropub hybrid menu will satisfy cravings for English-style steak pie, sausage rolls and breakfast. “The food is where it’s going to be most authentic,” he says.

Prior to the Queen Vic, the venue enjoyed a long life, most notably as Rat Pack clubhouse, the Lighthouse. During renovations, workers uncovered hand-painted seaside murals, flocked wallpaper and the phone jack that may have serviced Sinatra’s own booth, which a few longtime Riv employees identified as the one apart from the rest in a corner.

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