Summer, Five Ways

The urge to scrap all sense of style after a brutal 110-degree day seems natural, but with a bit of planning and conviction, clothing can transcend Las Vegas’ climate challenges. For different approaches on dressing for summer, the Modern Muse consulted five of the city’s chicest ladies: 

Vintage: Jennifer Henry, owner of FlockFlockFlock, a vintage clothing shop at Emergency Arts.

Athletic: Erin Wood, VIP hostess for N9NE Group.

Classic: Alex Epstein, project manager and creator of El Cortez Cabana Suites.

City: Brooke Olimpieri, owner of Filthy Mouth Clothing.

Edgy: Bree Cohen, DJ 88.

What are your summer staples?
JH: A favorite pair of vintage jeans, cut off to above the knee, or a micro mini.
EW: Tank tops.
AE: Flowery dresses, skirts in geometric or bright colors, and lots of nautical stripes.
BO: Flat gladiator sandals by Dolce Vita; a straw, oversize fedora; and a onesie.
BC: Shorts—in all fabrics and shapes for day and evening.

What is the one thing that will make any ensemble summer ready?
JH: A collection of washable, short-sleeve blouses that can be thrown on with denim, or lightweight trousers for evening.
AE: A big Panama hat.
BC: Accessories—that’s what always makes me distinct.
BO: A onesie: short and strapless that can be pulled over anything.

What’s a big summertime don’t?
JH: Never wear vintage as a costume.
EW: Maxi dress with heels.
AE: No suede shoes, and anything not seasonally appropriate.
BO: Heels at a pool, too many accessories at once.
BC: Whatever you do, no ruched tube dresses—you have to have a specific kind of body for those, and let’s face it, most of us don’t.

When it’s crazy hot out and you just can’t deal, what is the outfit that requires the least amount of work?
JH: A simple lightweight dress, in a breathable fabric—it’s not a time for polyester.
EW: Denim shorts, tank top, hair up, flip-flops.
AE: Long Maxi dress, messy beachy hair and sandals.
BO: A onesie with flat sandals will get you through.
BC: Shorts and a loose tank top, always with some bracelets and chunky necklaces to avoid appearing average.

For a barbecue or a day at the pool, what is the go-to get-up?
BC: Vintage Donna Karan wedges, shorts and a gauzy ethereal tank, bamboo earrings and loads of bracelets.
AE: Cutoff boyfriend denim shorts, classic button-down shirt, big hat, sunglasses, and never under any circumstances, heels.
BO: Halter flower-print dress, in a light fabric like chiffon with flat sandals over a bathing suit. You can throw on heels if you head out for drinks after.

What is your go-to ensemble for a hot night out on the town?
EW: A simple body conscious dress. One piece and sexy.
BO: Always a black, simple banded dress. It’s still edgy thrown on with a blazer for a little sophistication.
BC: I’m kind of obsessed with BCBG’s off-the-shoulder dresses, in-between casual and dressy, cinched at the waist with sky-high heels.

What’s in your summer handbag?
JH: Nude lip gloss, powder and a small mending kit—we are wearing less clothes; one button could be a tragedy.
AE: A scarf, some touch up makeup and a big bottle of water.
BO: Chanel powder, Burt’s Bees lip balm, Moroccanoil ordered from Amazon to avoid the summer shopping heat.
BC: My favorite new mascara, Revlon Lash Fantasy; Nars “The Multiple” stick in Lamu.

The queen of downtown Las Vegas, gallery owner and entrepreneur Jennifer Harrington is constantly scouring the runways for the hottest trends, styles and designers. For advice on how to look your best in the city that never stops partying, contact her at