Timberlake 2.0

Justin Timberlake is only 29, but he’s already being replaced. OK, there’s no replacing JT, but you can’t blame fresh-faced 22-year-old Mike Posner for trying. After all, he kind of looks and sounds like JT—heck, maybe he can start dating Jessica Biel, too. OK, maybe not. Still, Posner certainly made the most of his June 12 stop at Blush. He performed his single, “Cooler Than Me,” from on top of the bar (hey, we all have to start somewhere), then did it all over again 45 minutes later, this time from a go-go dancer platform next to the owner’s table. Whether that’s a move up or a move down is up for interpretation.

The double-duty seemed like a lot of work for someone who has yet to release a full-length album, but we understand the need to hustle. Still, we’re willing to bet Timberlake, consummate professional that he is, could’ve fit XS and Tryst in, too.