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( Steve Jobs can talk multitasking all he wants, but until he finally meets Matthew Manos, he won’t know the meaning of the word. One day, Manos made up his mind to learn to play the mandolin and to ride a unicycle, two things he’d always wanted to do. Then he doubled down: Not only would he learn to do these things, but he’d figure out how to do both at once—and he gave himself one month to master the trick. The results are … nah, I’m not telling you. Go and see.


( On the animated series Futurama, a character spoke appreciatively of public transportation as being like “a rolling apartment with no rent.” In that sense, P.O.O.P.T. (Pooped Out On Public Transportation) is a kind of lifestyle publication, one that depicts urbanites crashed out on buses and trains. Some have found ways to block out the light—hoodies pulled low, newspapers draped over faces—but most are just plain bushed, either from too little downtime or too much partying. The user-submitted photos here would do Walker Evans proud: They capture the city dweller at his most genuine moment, just trying to put more hours into the day.


( The author of Stuff No One Told Me (But I Learned Anyways), one Alex Noriega, claims to be “a robot from Barcelona.” The Barcelona part is probably true, but no robot could have come up with the very human advice Noriega gives in the guise of single-panel cartoons. My favorites of his recent realizations: “Being successful means something different to each person. Respect that.” And another: “Always be yourself, unless you’re an arrogant bastard.” And: “No one cares about the two weeks you ‘lived’ [in another country]. Stop bragging about it.”