Two For Three

Khloe Kardashian was the odd woman out June 19, when her sisters, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, hosted Vegas Magazine’s seventh anniversary party at Surrender. The three sisters were to celebrate their magazine cover together, but when the time came, Khloe was nowhere to be found. Apparently she was back in Los Angeles, sick with the flu. Or flu-like conditions. Or, as our team of medical professionals would call it, a severe case of Lakeritis. (Other symptoms include overturning cars, lighting fires and losing what little grip you had on your sanity. It’s a severe condition, and if left untreated, symptoms can turn ugly—look what it did to Ron Artest.)

The party at Encore was supposed to be one of the last press opportunities with all three of the ladies for a while, meaning the socialites may soon stop touting pay-for-play products up and down red carpets ad nauseam. Call us wishful thinkers.

Still, our fingers are crossed that no one will hold Khloe to her contract, and force her to do a make-up appearance. We’ve seen her—and her over-exposed sisters—enough. Between all the sex tapes, reality TV shows, Twitter feuds, product-plugging and red carpet events, we’re good. Really. Now take the decade off. XOXO!