Be Careful How You Pronounce It

Fuku truck rolls, bringing exotic burgers and fries across town

Las Vegas is getting another gourmet kitchen on wheels: Fukuburger’s “Fuku truck” hits the pavement July 4.

The truck purveying Japanese-inspired burgers comes to us from two former Tao servers, Robert “Mags” Magsalin and Colin Fukunaga.

“My passion is burgers and my ancestry is Japanese, so I wanted to do something to put them together,” Fukunaga says. The deal was done after work, over rounds of Maker’s Mark and Bud Light, and the pair will soon rove the city in hopes of finding (and feeding) hungry party people and service industry workers.

“We’re trying to really touch people in our industry, especially before and after the nightclub,” Magsalin says. “There’s probably nothing better when you’re pretty much hung over—or still drunk—than a really tasty burger and fries.”

The Fuku truck offers six Asian-inspired burgers (five beef and one chicken, $5-$6), plus furikake macaroni salad and garlic fries seasoned with togarashi (a blend of seven Japanese spices), served with banana ketchup or sweet chili aioli ($2).

Kakigori—the Japanese equivalent of a snow cone—is also on the menu. “For $3, you get this thing that looks like a volcano—this big, icy volcano,” Magsalin says.

Fukuburger marinates its beef patties in sake, mirin and yuzu, then sears them on the grill and brushes them with a special glaze before serving. Although laborious, the process delivers true umami, says Magsalin—who attended the California Culinary Academy and, at 19, became the youngest-ever sous chef at the Rio.

Las Vegas got on the mobile gourmet food wagon earlier this year with the Slidin’ Thru slider truck. Unlike its counterpart, The Fuku truck serves up full-size burgers, and debuts July 4 at the Red Handed Tattoo Gallery (8665 W. Flamingo Road, near Desert Breeze Park), at 6 p.m. After that, customers can track its location on Twitter (@fukuburger) or on