Jersey Store

Jersey Shore is hardly a pinnacle of cutting-edge fashion. From Jenni Farley’s revealing halter-tops, to Mike Sorrentino’s affliction for Affliction, the look isn’t haute couture. Still, JWoww has a clothing line, and will celebrate during a private event at Ghostbar July 3.

Farley, 23, calls her collection Filthy Couture.“I kept it low-cut and short,” she says. “That’s my style.”

She debuted her designs at the MTV Movie Awards, and opened her online store ( on June 30.

Most pieces range from $40-$120, with made-to-order dresses costing up to $3,000. “Dresses like the one that I wore to the Grown Ups premiere and the [Hard Times of] RJ Burger premiere will be the more affordable ones, anywhere from $100-$300,” she says.

Meanwhile, Sorrentino is developing a clothing line, too—and his collection of men’s shirts, sweatshirts and accessories has a similarly foul mouth: It’s called Dilligaf, an acronym for his signature phrase, “Do I look like I give a fuck?”