One Way to Eat an Exotic Veggie

Here’s a terrific recipe for either orange cauliflower or Romanesco broccoli from chef Jean-David Groff-Daudet of Garfield’s Restaurant at Desert Shores. He calls it “cauliflower a la Grand-mère” (Grandmother’s Way).

Cut (detach) the cauliflower into “big heads,” then blanch in boiling salted water for five minutes.

Cool water by plunging ice cubes into it. Drain and dry.

Make a béchamel sauce by mixing flour, eggs and milk in a saucepan with clove and nutmeg, until firm. (Béchamel recipes are found online.)

Butter a baking dish, dip the “heads” of the cauliflower in the warm béchamel and line them up in the dish, heads up. Sprinkle liberally with toasted breadcrumbs.

Bake 15 minutes at 400 degrees.