Sense of Sensibility

Adopt a British friend and learn how to dress better

In the military, a lot of cross-training takes place with other units that have different specialties or unique talents. Sometimes these other units are from different services, and sometimes they are from other countries. Similar to the World Cup, it is quite the event: Revelry and hooliganism frequently ensue, and ambassadors may have to get involved in international incidents over seemingly trivial matters. Who knew the Japanese envoy’s daughter was only 16!?

My point? Occasionally bringing in an outside influence for expertise is another way of expanding your skill set. So as much as I have preached about lifestyle being a mindset and more about the person than the actual clothes, I feel it’s necessary to provide some substantive context to the thought with some real-life examples.

Having some spent some serious drinking time as well as off-the-clock chill time with a dapper British crooner (Matt Goss) who frequents this fair town of ours every Friday and Saturday evening, it’s apparent that some guys have a real sense of who they are and what they are trying to portray. Amid our talks, the same points are touched on again and again—style, class, manners, realness and having some good mates to support to you. 

Leave it to a charmingly accented Brit to drive home and articulate some of the finer points of being a man with style. “Civility costs nothing,” he notes, and looking sharp shows respect for not only others in your presence but yourself as well.

Another UKer who has a penchant for tasteful hats and cheeky insight continually reminds some of the most-stylish and best-dressed in town that we don’t stand a chance comparatively, since most of us didn’t have a sense of style ingrained in us from a young age, nor did we have a tailor as a confidante from the ripe ol’ age of 7.

If anyone remembers (Palms executive) Jon Gray’s wedding and the ensemble (Vegas Seven contributor) Ben Conmy was sporting, the point is clear. So get your World Cup on and find a UKer from whom to gain some style insight. Who knows, you might channel your inner Team US, win your group and gain a sense of sensibility.

Fashion expert Sean Dunn delivers style-starved Las Vegas men their marching orders.