Über Cool Tools

For ÜberBar’s Michael Silvers, bar tool innovation is a way of life. The self-proclaimed “Über-dude” is constantly working to wow the industry with his next generation bar tools, which have included the StrainRay (a sleek, ergonomic, spade-like upgrade to the standard cocktail strainer that sells for $30), which some bartenders have been known to wear in lieu of a pocket square at fancy functions, and the coveted ProJig multi-measure jigger with quarter-, half-, three-quarter- and full-ounce compartments ($12).

Silvers’ latest creation has bartenders both professional and amateur thinking they’ve died and gone to gadget heaven. Like a chef’s roll-up of knifes, the ProBoston Roll ($145) aggregates ÜberBar’s 15 most essential tools—including the StrainRay and ProJig, as well as the SiliStick muddler, C-Press citrus press and a set of bar tweezers for hygienic garnish handling. And they are all gathered up into one easy-to-store and carry roll—proving you really can take it with you when you go. uberbartools.com