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Compiled by @marseniuk

@Maggie When you’re waiting on something, cell phones are the new cigarettes.

@mindykaling Kids, don’t peak early. It is better to be overlooked in high school.

@garyvee I am laser focused … and when that happens … crazy awesome rad super shiz ensues.

@kellyoxford Mme Tussauds, please add a wick to Kim Kardashian’s wax figure. Thanks.

@GerryDuggan Mel Gibson is the Oscar Wilde of racist maniacs.

@Konstantined 750 Million, Really? Tiger had to pay her more than BP has paid out to the LA for the oil spill so far.

@bauserdotcom Sheesh. Downtown Niagara Falls looks like the Vegas Strip fucked Bourbon Street, then abandoned the baby on Coney Island.

@brittneypalmer K.. Someone talk me out of buying an iPad.. :-/

@oskargarcia Dear ESPN: Please stop informing me of the MLS game of the week. I don’t care. Thanks!

@Pokerati Apologies to @riovegas. I hit one of your orange cones w/ car @wsop drop-off area. Can pay for damage w/ unused food comps.

@SICK_STAR Summer sweater = bear rug chest hair in the heat. Tao Beachin’ with some of Vegas’ finest.

@NOLA_lovebug I appreciate that “dog eating contest” is trending right now… I can only hope its meant for the hot dog eating contest….

@ LVDaveG Dear liver, please forgive me for any distress I may cause you in the next few hours. It’s all @TheeRealFDHC fault!

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