Picture Perfect

It’s been about two years since I last reviewed a digital picture frame, and here’s why: I’ve come to dislike them. They’re bulky, awkward to set up and complicated when adding pictures.

But a new wireless frame from Kodak is changing my opinion, making me think there is a place in my home for a digital picture frame. Better, you can put one in grandma’s house and not worry about her struggling to upload pictures. Just send new images to her frame via e-mail.

The Kodak Pulse digital frame is easy to set up and use. There are several ways to wirelessly send photos to the frame: From a computer, via e-mail and through Facebook (or the Kodak Gallery). Each worked seamlessly. More specifically, I e-mailed photos from two smartphones, sent my Facebook photo albums to the Pulse and added two dozen pictures from a recent camping trip from my Mac’s iPhoto software via Wi-Fi.

You can also add photos to the frame by inserting a memory card or attaching your camera via USB. The frame has 512 MB of internal memory, which is plenty. I’ve loaded more than 300 images onto my frame, only 8 percent of its capacity.

Managing the Kodak Pulse is a snap, too. You can control the frame via touch or through a website set up just for your account. With either method, you control how quickly you flip through photos, how they are displayed (I love the collage mode) and what times to turn the frame on and off. You can also easily delete photos from the frame.

The 7-inch Kodak Pulse comes only in black and one size. That’s fine by me, actually, as at it has a thin and elegant profile, with just enough black around the edging to make it look like a proper picture frame. It sells for $129, but I found it for less at several online stores.