Remix Revolution

Our guide to good remixes and five new songs for the summer

The remix has changed dance music forever. Just try to imagine a DJ set without those catchy bits and pieces of popular songs scattered throughout the madness of the music. It’s nearly impossible because remixes have become an essential tool in helping a DJ craft a personal style.

As you might have heard, there have been plenty of bad remixes that have made their way out of bedroom studios and onto the Internet. But I am here to help guide you to the good. The beauty of a good remix is that it takes an existing piece of music and breathes completely new life into it.

The best DJs can blend almost any type of song from any genre into their set. Sometimes genres are flipped out and lyrics are tricked out, but however the producers behind the remix choose to reinvent the song, the hooks will always shine through.

Here are five fresh remixes that are making some noise within the DJ community, along with a link to stream the songs online:

LCD Soundsystem – “You Wanted a Hit” (Soulwax Remix)

Dance-punk pioneer James Murphy gets his band remixed by the electronic music gods Soulwax to give you the hit you always wanted. The track, pushing almost eight minutes in length, mixes James’ familiar vocal style with the signature Soulwax synths, pads and drum sounds.

Passion Pit – “Little Secrets” (Jack Beats Remix)

The perfect combination of two very different styles of music. Jack Beats gives the light and fluffy Passion Pit track a dark, hard, electronic edge that will send a dance floor into complete mayhem. Next time you see Jack Beats perform, expect him to drop this crowd pleaser.

Friendly Fires/Flight Facilities – “I Crave Paris” (Aeroplane Remix)

This track is quite the masterpiece because it is three tracks in one. It all started back in September 2008 when Aeroplane released a hit remix of the Friendly Fires’ track “Paris.” The boys in Aeroplane recently released a newer version of the track with the same music as the original remix, but with the soft, seductive female vocals from Flight Facilities’ track “Crave You” layered in the mix.

The C90s — “10:01” (Villa Remix)

A massive wave of feel-good, dance floor-friendly Disco-House is finding its way into more and more DJs set lists. If you are already into that style of music, or are curious about getting a dose of the good stuff, check out Villa’s Remix of The C90s track “10:01.” Its funky bass lines and happy electro-bleeps will put a smile on your face.

Green Velvet – “Harmageddon” (Felix Cartal Remix)

The legendary house music producer Curtis Jones (a.k.a. Green Velvet) got quite the makeover from the young up-and-coming producer Felix Cartal on this track. These two musical minds collaborated to create an intense, dance-heavy electronic musical journey that will definitely be turning heads in the near future.

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