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( Bad credit. Spyware. Nasal congestion. Anxiety. “Stripper stank.” No rational human being wants these things (except maybe that strip-club smell—I mean, it’s part of a process), but remarkably, the majority of us put up with them. Maybe that’s because we don’t realize that there are easy, step-by-step processes to get rid of these things. This site, fittingly titled “How to Get Rid of Things: A People’s Guide to Better Living,” collects hundreds of do-it-yourself guides to purging yourself of everything sucky, from rust to rosacea.


( Street fashion photography can be obnoxious in the wrong hands. Too often, it adds up to a parade of man-boys in hoodies and lumberjack shirts, and girls dressed like Cyndi Lauper circa 1983. But I love Tamu McPherson’s street fashion blog “All The Pretty Birds,” partially because she avoids those easy captures, but mostly because the people in her photos are recognizable as adults. Good-looking adults, too. To my mind, McPherson’s photos transcend street fashion: They’re nothing less than the antidote to those oily, sad-looking kids you often see in hipster magazine ads.


( Opposites attract? Not really. “Despite the pleasant idea of polar opposites being pulled intangibly toward one another … the research suggests otherwise,” writes David McRaney, author of “You Are Not So Smart: A Celebration of Self-Delusion.” McRaney uses hard science to tear down the truths we hold self-evident, and to his credit, he’s not a total dick about it. You almost don’t mind when tells you that hindsight is not 20/20, that you can’t make realistic estimates of how competent you’ll be in an unknown situation, and that coffee doesn’t really make you superhuman. And please, please read what he has to say on car alarms, because I’m tired of hearing yours.

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Man of Many Masks


Man of Many Masks

By Jaq Greenspon

Walking into The Olive, a Mediterranean-style lounge on East Sunset Road, is like stepping through Alice’s mirror, and the Wonderground on the other side is more magical than Lewis Carroll’s rabbit hole and equally overwhelming. On stage, a pair of belly dancers moves rhythmically, mimicking the twirling smoke of sweet flavored tobacco rising from dozens of hookah pipes.