Anderson: Rocker-free at 43

Marilyn Monroe only made it to 36 and got “Candle in the Wind,” but when another blond bombshell, Pamela Anderson, recently celebrated her 43rd birthday, Elton John wasn’t there to sing any heartfelt ballads for the former Baywatch star.

Still, Pammy wasn’t alone at Tao Beach on July 10: Her cake was ushered out by a parade-like procession that involved not one, but two shirtless dudes, a girl on a raft and oversize inflatable whale and dolphin floaties—because while your 40th is your ruby birthday and your 50th is your gold birthday, apparently your 43rd is your Caligula birthday.

Anderson’s two most famous former flames, Kid Rock and Tommy Lee, were nowhere to be seen. Instead, the birthday girl partied at Tao with tattoo artist Mario Barth and Heatherette clothing designer Richie Rich later that night. This, of course, was kind of disappointing for those hoping to see the former Playboy model swap spit with a well-known rocker in the VIP (à la her and Lee’s very-public petting zoo at the Hard Rock Hotel in August last year—loved it!), but cleaning crews must have been relieved Rock wasn’t there to Kid Rock the place. It takes forever to get that stuff out of banquette cushions.